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C is for... Crisis. PART ONE: Crisis Calls

C is for... Crisis. PART ONE: Crisis Calls

Monday, February 12, 2018


Mental Brillness

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  1. S is for... Skin
    16 Apr, 2018
    S is for... Skin
    S is for skin. [TRIGGER WARNING: discussion of self-harm] You can probably guess where I’m going with this post, but please put that to one side for a minute. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about skin and its relevance to mental health. Mental illness affects anyone, regardless of the tone of their skin. Regardless of wrinkles, regardless of weight, regardless of stretch-marks and scars and moles and birthmarks and burns, regardless of pretty much any factor that you can think of. But
  2. W is for... What I wish I'd known
    23 Feb, 2018
    W is for... What I wish I'd known
    W is for what I wish I'd known. They say hindsight is 20:20. I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently, mainly in the context of things I wish I’d known before all this mental illness malarkey happened. Hands up, I’m only a twenty-something; but, with about a decade’s experience of mental illness, I think it’s probably fair to say that I’ve learnt a lot. There’s lots of advice that I wish I’d had access to as a teenager with emerging and worsening mental ill-health, but, for now, here’s some
  3. C is for... Crisis. PART THREE: Crisis Concluded
    16 Feb, 2018
    C is for... Crisis. PART THREE: Crisis Concluded
    C is for Crisis Concluded. A few people have mentioned that it might be helpful to give some suggestions of what to say/not to say to someone in a crisis. It’s a great idea, but people deal with and experience their crises so differently that it doesn’t feel right to prescribe a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, here are some things that you can think about with people when planning for a crisis: What physical activities help, if any? What medications help, if any? Is there a crisis line
  4. C is for... Crisis. PART TWO: Crisis Continues
    13 Feb, 2018
    C is for... Crisis. PART TWO: Crisis Continues
    Let’s say it loud for the people at the back: YOU MAY FEEL LIKE A BURDEN, BUT YOU ARE NOT A BURDEN, OKAY? Okay. C is for Crisis Continues...
  5. T is for... Trigger Warnings.
    07 Feb, 2018
    T is for... Trigger Warnings.
    T is for Trigger Warnings. Technically, this isn’t to do with NHS Mental Health Services, as there are various and conflicting viewpoints regarding the use of trigger warnings. However, I think it is still a topic worth discussing in this A-Z as, if you are a UK sufferer of mental illness, you will have encountered trigger warnings in some way. As someone who has recently finished being a student, it makes sense to first take trigger warnings in the university context. Currently, in the world
  6. H is for...Have you tried yoga?
    05 Feb, 2018
    H is for...Have you tried yoga?
    H is for “have you tried yoga?” Disclaimer: I love yoga. I’ve practiced yoga for a number of years, and I am fully aware of the benefit it can present to many people – so please don’t throw your foam blocks and roll mats at me, and please do hear me out. Okay, here goes: When I tell a non-medical-professional about my mental illness, I generally don’t know what to expect as a response. Quite often, people will offer advice or a comforting anecdote, and I really appreciate the effort to calm,
  7. P is for...Patience
    02 Feb, 2018
    P is for...Patience
    P is for Patience. I think that, on the whole, I’m quite an impatient patient. I don’t know if it stems from my OCD, or whether I just can’t actually exercise patience on the daily. It’s fair enough, though. Most NHS services are heavily guarded. Like castles, services are surrounded by moats and draw-bridges, under the guise of “waiting lists”. Fuck waiting lists. It’s not just the fact that waiting lists can last for months, even years; it’s more the fact that sometimes you need to reach
  8. L is for...Loss
    30 Jan, 2018
    L is for...Loss
    L is for loss.  I honestly don’t know whether it is a good idea writing this, but I’ve thought about it long and hard, and I think there are certain things surrounding this topic that need to be said. TRIGGER WARNING FOR DISCUSSION OF DEATH AND SUICIDE You can lose many things when you fall victim to mental illness. Personally, I feel sometimes that I’ve lost my sense of identity, not knowing even the simplest things like my favourite colour and favourite food (for the record, currently it's
  9. A is for...Alarms
    29 Jan, 2018
    A is for...Alarms
    A is for alarms. If you’ve ever been in an NHS psych ward then you will have noticed that they’re bloody everywhere. Alarms for emergencies, alarms for even more emergency emergencies, alarms for staff, alarms for the meds cupboard, alarms for the doorbell, fire alarms; the lot. It’s fine, to an extent. Why would you ever need to venture out of your room when you can tell exactly what is happening on the ward by the sound of whatever alarm is ringing? Most of the time, however, it's really,